4th RAPID Symposium TU/e, Eindhoven

4.-7.10. 2016

Dissemination & Proposal Writing


Alexander Fridman (Invited expert), Drexel University      Atta Ul Haq (Fellow), Ulster University


Congratulations to Shaojun Xu who won the best poster prize at the IWPEEA-2016

International Workshop on Plasmas for Energy and Environmental Applications (IWPEEA-2016), Liverpool, UK, from 21st to 24th August 2016

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Shaojun already won the best poster prize on the ChemEngDayUK conference, Sheffield UK, 08 April 2015:

Our fellows at the Gordon Research Conference 2016

Fiona Elam's talk on Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Enhanced CVD of High Quality Silica-Like Bilayer Encapsulation Films at the Gordon Research Seminar was elected as a Highlight talk for the Gordon Research Conference.

Gert Willems and Fiona Elam at the GRC, July 24-29, 2016, Andover, USA

8th RAPID Workshop on Plasma Chemistry

University of Manchester

June 28-30, 2016

This workshop focused on the chemistry occurring in a range of plasma processes including the effect of both gas-phase and surface reactions. The mechanism of the creation of reactive and excited species in a discharge and their subsequent role was discussed.


7th RAPID Workshop on Photovoltaics and Advanced Thin Film Analysis

PROMES CNRS, Perpignan

April 5-7, 2016

An overview of the different photovoltaic plasma applications and atmospheric pressure solutions in development were presented. Fundamentals of surface and thin film analysis were presented with an emphasis on methods which are generally applied to plasma-modified surfaces and plasma- deposited thin films such as electron probe microanalysis, secondary ion mass spectrometry and various derivatization techniques.


Simon Hübner: Talk for the general public "Plasmen in der Atmosphäre"

Simon took part in the series of lectures "Alles Plasma!" in the city center if Bochum.


This small video shows his working place at the Ruhr-University Bochum: Simon's working place

"Plasmen in der Atmosphäre", February 4, 2016, Blue Square, Bochum